Monday, February 23, 2015

Chile - Pucón - Week 12 - Cambios - Transfers.. New Comp.

Today Hna. Segura received a new companion.  Her name is Hna. Wyatt from Cedar City, Utah.
She is excited to learn new things from her new comp as well as being able to continue teaching their current and new investigators. More details to come.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Chile - Pucón - Week 11 - "....has God ceased to be a God of miracles? Behold I say unto you, Nay..."

Hola Familia y Amigos!

   What a crazy few weeks it has been! Time goes by so fast here on the mission! Lots of miracles these past few days, its incredible! I have lots of stories so I will try to type fast!

First of all, Jesica and Damian still haven`t been able to get married, which has been hard, but we decided that as always God has a reason. Recently Jesica's son Mico has shown interest in the church and wants to start taking the discussions! He is 11 years old and is really prepared to hear the gospel. I think we were so focused on just getting Jessica and Damian baptized that we weren`t really worried about teaching anyone else, but I think we are supposed to wait for Mico so he can be baptized with Jesica and Damian! We are going to start teaching him this week!

 Story number two! Last Sunday Hermana Vance and I were out walking and we had about an hour left before we had to be in our house for the night. We had a few people we could go visit, but we weren´t sure who we wanted to teach. We weren´t really feeling the spirit so we decided to stop and say a prayer in the street. We prayed that we would be able to know who we needed to teach that night. We ended the prayer and Hermana Vance turned to me and said "okay Hermana, where does God want us to go?" I hesitated, but I decided to take a moment and just think about it. The only names that came to my mind were that of Korina and Nestor, a couple that Hermana Vance started teaching even before I came, but Korina was getting ready to have a baby so they were kinda busy and they weren´t keeping any of their commitments. We had left asked them to read a chapter in the Book of Mormon like a month ago and they still hadn´t done it. Korina had the  baby a few weeks  ago so we decided that now would be the perfect time to start teaching them again! I told Hermana Vance that I felt like we needed to go visit them. We went over there and had one of the most powerful lessons I have ever been apart of. Hermana Vance and I testified of the importance of the Book of Moromon and how through this gospel and through Christ we can be forgiven of our sins. We committed them to read in the Book of Mormon and Korina said "yes, I am going to read it this time." We went back to visit them a few days ago and Korina had read even farther than we had asked her to! We asked her how she felt while reading it and she said that she felt like the book was talking to her and that she could read it with clarity and she felt a peace while doing it. We told her that was the Holy  Ghost! She was seriously beeming as she talked about how it made her feel! This was really awesome because she was the one who wasn´t really interested in what we had to say at first, but she has completely changed! Nestor also read and said he felt the same peace. Nestor now has a baptism date! Korina will too, but she had to leave in the middle of the lesson so we couldn´t invited her. We are so excited though!

Number three! A few weeks ago we found this guy in the street named Alex and talked to him for a few minutes and taught him a little bit about the restauraciòn. He was really receptive so we asked if we could come back another day and give him a Book of Mormon. He said yes and said we could go back the next day. We went back the next morning and he wasn´t there. As we were walking down the street to another appointment, he pulled up in his car! We were able to give him the book and we asked him to read some before our next appointment. We taught him again on Friday and had an awesome lesson! He told us his story of how he has been searching for something like this for a while now. He goes to the catholic church, but he never found the peace he was looking for. He told us he wanted to feel "full". We told him that this was it and he said "I know, I read some of the book." He said he felt that peace he has been searching for and that he felt it while talking to us as well. We told him that was the Holy Ghost testifying of the truth. He accepted our invitation to be baptized! The sad thing is he will be moving back to Viña in the next few weeks so we wont be able to baptize him here, but we are expecting a "thank you" card from the missionaries in Viña! He is so prepared.

 Everyday incredible things like this happen. God is so aware of us and knows what we need. I know that God answers our prayers, all we have to do is ask. He loves us. We are His children.

Hermana Segura

Monday, February 9, 2015

Chile - Pucón - Week 10 - Visit from the President of the Santiago Chile Temple.

No blog letter this Week.  Hermana Vance and I had the Opportunity to go out with the Temple president of the Santiago temple, and his wife! They are in Hermana Vance's home ward! They are in town for a fireside this Wednesday so they came a few days early to visit us and take us to lunch and to some waterfalls! super fun! I'll send some pics next week! this week was so good! We are planning for another baptism on Saturday! Pray that Jesica and Damian will be able to get married this week so they can get  baptized Saturday!! I'll let you know how things go next week! So many miracles are happening here in Pucòn! I am so blessed to be here!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Chile - Pucón - Week 9 - How great shall be your joy!

Another hot, wonderful week in Pucòn!
  The baptism was amazing!!! Ignacia`s whole family came, and she brought 3 non- member friends! Our investigator, Magali, also came! It was so awesome! Ignacia shared her testimony at the end and it was so powerful. We talked to Magali afterwards and asked her how she liked it and she just started crying. She says she wants it for her family so bad. She said that if her "husband" doesn´t decide to marry her, she at least wants her daughter to be baptized when she turns 8. Magali comes to church every week! She is so good, I want her to get baptized so bad!! Hopefully we can start teaching Ignacia`s friends too!
    So, yes everything was perfect!! Except........for the water in the font......Hermana Vance and I got to Villarica (which is about 30 min away from Pucòn) 3 hours early so we could get the font filled up. The Elders warned us that it would need to be cleaned before we filled it up so we got the mops out, got it all nice and clean, ( It was crazy dirty.....Im not sure how long its been since they`ve baptized someone in there...) and we were ready to fill it up! As the font began to fill we started noticing some things floating in the water.....we were later informed that the vent thing that is in the font needed to be rinsed out before we filled it up with water because all the dirt that was in it just floated back up into the water......That would have been nice to know, Elders!!! So she got baptized in some pretty nasty water.....but thats okay cuz now she's baptized!! I am so happy for her! She is going to be such a huge example for the people here in Pucòn! She is also looking forward to serving a mission when she is 19! 
I am looking forward to seeing more people baptized here in Pucòn! It is such a cool experience to see people you have taught the gospel make the decision to follow Jesus Christ! Even though the work is so hard sometimes, this experience helped me remember why I chose to be a missionary.
Hermana Segura

Hna. Segura, Ignacia, Hna. Vance

Hermanas and Ignacia's family.

Sporting our Soccer Jerseys - Go Chile..