Monday, February 2, 2015

Chile - Pucón - Week 9 - How great shall be your joy!

Another hot, wonderful week in Pucòn!
  The baptism was amazing!!! Ignacia`s whole family came, and she brought 3 non- member friends! Our investigator, Magali, also came! It was so awesome! Ignacia shared her testimony at the end and it was so powerful. We talked to Magali afterwards and asked her how she liked it and she just started crying. She says she wants it for her family so bad. She said that if her "husband" doesn´t decide to marry her, she at least wants her daughter to be baptized when she turns 8. Magali comes to church every week! She is so good, I want her to get baptized so bad!! Hopefully we can start teaching Ignacia`s friends too!
    So, yes everything was perfect!! Except........for the water in the font......Hermana Vance and I got to Villarica (which is about 30 min away from Pucòn) 3 hours early so we could get the font filled up. The Elders warned us that it would need to be cleaned before we filled it up so we got the mops out, got it all nice and clean, ( It was crazy dirty.....Im not sure how long its been since they`ve baptized someone in there...) and we were ready to fill it up! As the font began to fill we started noticing some things floating in the water.....we were later informed that the vent thing that is in the font needed to be rinsed out before we filled it up with water because all the dirt that was in it just floated back up into the water......That would have been nice to know, Elders!!! So she got baptized in some pretty nasty water.....but thats okay cuz now she's baptized!! I am so happy for her! She is going to be such a huge example for the people here in Pucòn! She is also looking forward to serving a mission when she is 19! 
I am looking forward to seeing more people baptized here in Pucòn! It is such a cool experience to see people you have taught the gospel make the decision to follow Jesus Christ! Even though the work is so hard sometimes, this experience helped me remember why I chose to be a missionary.
Hermana Segura

Hna. Segura, Ignacia, Hna. Vance

Hermanas and Ignacia's family.

Sporting our Soccer Jerseys - Go Chile..

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