Monday, May 25, 2015

Chile - Pucòn - Week 25

Holy cow! I can`t believe I`ve completed 7 months on the mission already!

Time is seriously flying by! I have less than a year left!
   This week was good! Cambios went well! My new companion Hermana Alonso is from Ecuador! She will be ending her mission in August. We get along well! 
   The weeks started out a little rough. The family of 7 that we found told us not to pass by anymore....After one of our lessons the mom asked us for money, and we told her we couldn`t give it to her. The next day we passed by and she said that she didn`t want us to come back. That was kind of a bummer.....but the truth is I kind of had the feeling that they didn`t really understand what we were teaching them, they just wanted to be baptized to be baptized and be "saved"...but I hoped that with time they would understand.....but I guess right now isn`t the time for them. Oh well. 
   However, our investigator Damian FINALLY got his papers! THEY CAN GET MARRIED NOW!!! I am seriously so excited! Jesica and Damian have been waiting so long to be baptized and I know that they are going to get baptized this time! Not only them, but I think one of her sons might want to and her sister that told us a few months ago that she wanted to be baptized with them CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY!!! I seriously almost died. That is a HUGE step! After sacrament meeting I went to talk to them and the sister told me she has a friend that wants to start learning about the church!! MILAGROS EVERYWHERE! we are going to teach them all this week! I am so stoked! 
   We also had a ton of lessons with members present which is something that is so hard for us. One of the lessons was with Juan and Magali, Ignacia came with us to help! We had an awesome lesson about the Gospel and we invited him to be baptized. He didn`t say yes, but he didn`t say no either! He just does not want to get married...I don´t know how to fix that... 
    Yesterday we had an awesome lesson with our investigator Maria! We taught her the word of wisdom. She told us that she has a smoking problem, but that she is willing to give it up to become a better daughter of God. She is seriously so good! I am so excited that I get to be here to watch her progress! 
    We also got a ward mission leader here in our branch! We are so excited to finally have someone to help us with the missionary work! He is so excited about his calling and is so willing to help us out! We are going to start meeting with him once a week! Also very stoked about that!  
        So much is happing in Pucòn right now its crazy everything is moving so fast its hard to keep up! I am so excited to be apart of it all! 
Here`s to 6 more weeks in Pucòn!!

Hermana Segura​.
It is getting cold here in Pucòn !!
They just had a chocolate festival here! This is totally made of chocolate!

My District

Monday, May 18, 2015

Chile - Pucòn - Week 24 - Pucòn para Siempre


Cambios are this week and we just got the call! I'M STAYING IN PUCÓN!!! I seriously can't believe I get to stay here at least six more weeks! By the end of this transfer I will have been here almost half my misión! Crazy!

My new comp is from Ecuador! I'm kind of nervous to have a Latina companion for the first time, but I heard she's great! It will be good for my Spanish I´m sure!

I'm super excited because as of right now we have 11 people with a baptisim date! We have the most people with a date in the whole misión! I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to help all of them progress! Hopefully we´ll be seeing some baptisims here in the next few weeks!
This week went by so fast, but it was really good!  We went and visited a family that we found about a month ago. They just moved in from the "campo", they lived 15 years out there without electricity! They have 5 children who grew up without light! Crazy! They are a really humble family, really good people. We taught the first lesson to the parents and before we even got to the restoration, the woman asked what they needed to do to be baptized! They have never been baptized into any church, but they know that its important and they want to do it! We finished they lesson and invited them and their family to by baptized the 13th of June. They both accepted! A few days later we went and talked to their 4 daughters about baptism. They are all super shy, but they all said that they would like to be baptized too! We are going back to teach them sometime this week so they understand a Little bit better! Hopefully everything goes well! 
We also had a great lesson with our friend from the colectivo, Maria! We taught her about the Gospel of Jesús Christ. I still can´t believe how well she understands everything! She just gets it! She still has a baptism date, but she keeps telling us that she has to have a sure answer before she does anything. She is so great though! 
We are finding so many new people here in Pucón! I don´t know where they have been hiding! We have plans to put 3 more people with a baptism date this week! That would be crazy! Lots of progress happening here and I am so excited to be apart of it for one more transfer!
Hermana Segura
Cats love me..

It is fall in Pucòn !!

It can be dangerous here in Pucòn !!

we had a kareoke activity the other night! It was so fun! I may or may not have rapped...
but for some reason they keep calling me Hermana Nicki Minaj....

​I love little Chilean people!!

Me and Maria

Monday, May 11, 2015

Chile - Pucòn - Week 23 - Feliz dia de la Madre..

Happy mothers day to all you great mothers out there !!!
This week was great! We had a lot more success as far as lessons go, which is great! My favorite part of the week was a lesson that we had yesterday afternoon!  
   A few weeks ago my companion and I were in a taxi on the way home for the night and we were sitting in the back next to an older woman. We started talking to her, asking how her day was. She was really nice, so we decided to give her a little family search card. We talked to her about the Family search website and she said she loved doing family search and that she would look into it! We asked her if we could pass by one day and share more with her! She said she would love to have us over and told us to come by the next Sunday! Lovely!
  The next Sunday we tried to find her house. We knocked on the door that we thought was hers, but no one answered. We decided to wait and pass by the next week. The next Sunday we called her to see if she would be home that day. She said yes and said that she thought we had abandoned her because we couldn't find her the last week! 
   We passed by her house and got to know her a little bit and found out that she had shared with missionaries in Santiago over 25 years ago! She said she had a good experience with the Elders and that they even gave her a Book of Mormon, which she still has along with some pamphlets that they left! She told us that after some time the missionaries just stopped passing by and she doesn´t know why. After that, she never talked to any other missionaries. Until now! 
   Yesterday we passed by again and taught her the first lesson about the Restoration and she understood it PERFECTLY! She explained everything back to us, it was awesome! In the end we invited her to be baptized and she accepted! She said she would like to be baptized, but that she wants to talk with God about it first to see what he wants her to do! Ha, Perfect! My companion and I walked out of that lesson on clouds! It was so great!! This experience also gave me hope that even though not everyone I teach here will accept the gospel from me, that one day the seed I plant in them will grow! The seed in this woman was planted 25 years ago by a couple of Elders that probably never thought that what they shared with this woman would have an impact on her years later, and they will probably never know, but how cool that I have the opportunity to pick up where they left off! Hope it works out!
Hermana Segura
It was great Skyping with the family...

We will be getting a building in this lot some time soon...

not this kind of building..

"Onces" with Ignacia was fun !!

I ate this weird fruit yesterday....not really sure what it was...but it tasted good!

Isadora making me play-doh beards....she's nuts

On P-days... we watch Frozen!!= BEST PDAY EVER!!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Chile - Pucòn - Week 22 - No Blog Letter

Time is going by fast.. 6 months already!!!

This is how we study in the mornings because it's so cold!!

Typical missionary, animal pic.. we try teaching anyone that will

but.. even then we get rejected some times..