Monday, April 18, 2016

Chile - Osorno - Week 72 - .. Conclusion..

I can´t believe this is going to be my last blog update from Chile. I really have no words to express how I feel, but overall I feel pretty calm.

 These last few days I have had lots of time to reflect on this past year and a half, and I have come to the conclusion, that my mission is just beginning. This time in Chile was just preparation for a bigger mission that the Lord has in store for me. I was just here to learn and help people along the way. I do not end my mission this week, I'm just ending my training. 

The mission was the "MTC" for my life. There were so many things that I needed for my future that I wasn't going to be able to learn it at home.  The Lord called me on the mission not only to help others, but to help myself. I needed the people more than they needed me. I needed my companions more than they needed me. I needed to be converted, I needed to learn how to pray and study and trust in the Lord. Even though I went for others, I needed it for me. Now that sounds a little self centered, but its true. 

These 18 months changed my future and I will never be able to thank my Father in Heaven for giving me this opportunity to serve and represent my Savior Jesus Christ. .-I tried my best and He trusted me enough to do his work for a time and blessed me so much along the way.  What more could I ask for?

I am going to miss the mission so much, but I know there is nothing left here for me. I did what I needed to do, and now I am needed at home. I have another mission ahead of me, and I am looking forward to applying the things that I learned in this mission! 

My treasure that I am bringing home from the mission is my testimony. Not only my testimony, but my conversion. I know without a doubt that my Savior lives. I know that His gospel has been restored and is on the earth today. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and that by the power of God he translated the Book of Mormon. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that it is our map to get back to our Heavenly Father. This gospel is true. I feel like saying that "its true" just doesn´t do it justice.  Its the truth and the only truth. 

The mission was the best choice I could have made for my life. I don`t think I will go a day without thinking about my mission. I loved every moment, the good and bad. I have grown so much thanks to those hard times and I wouldn´t change a thing. I am so grateful for the person I have become and I'm so glad I get to bring her home with me! 

Just because I won´t be "Hermana Segura" anymore doesn´t mean I have to go back to being the person I was before, and that comforts me. I´ll be "Hermana Segura" forever, everyone will just call me "Sam" for short. =) 

I really don't know what else to say. I feel like my thoughts don`t really make sense, but that's okay!
I just want to thank you all for your support and your prayers for the missionaries around the world. They are God´s army and are saving much more than lives. They are saving the souls of our brothers and sisters. This is God's work and he needs our help. 

May we never be ashamed to share this wonderful message with everyone!  

Glory be to our Father in Heaven. 

See you Friday.....

Hermana (Sam) Segura ;)

Last pic at the plaza...

Volcan Osorno on the way to Purranque.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Chile - Osorno - Week 71 - .. LAST WEEK....Coming HOME!!!!

I never thought I would say the words "Ill be home next week." However.....


Where did the time go? These last 18 months have passed by so fast, but they have been so wonderful. 
Excited to start my last week on the mission, not because I will be coming home after (Although that is a bonus) but because I am going to be able to apply everything that I have learned in the last 18 months, to these last 10 days! What a blessing! 

I am going to be the best missionary I have ever been, and ever will be!

Going to enjoy every moment of this week! Not sure what else to say cuz I want to leave my "last words" for next week! ;)

Time to leave it all on the field! 

Hermana Segura

We had another Baptism! This is Yasna, I actually met her in Punta Arenas,
and then she moved here were we finished teaching her!
Saturday she was baptized with her Parents! Small world!

Selfie with the storm that was coming to attack us....
we got a little wet after...

With my Colombian Sistas!! Hermana Cordoba is from Bogotá and
Hermana Acosta is from Cartagena!  It was so fun doing intercambios with them!
They accepted me as one of their own even though I'm only half! ;)
Going to miss all my Hermanas.

"Yo quiero ser soldado fiel, alado del Señor...."
Gonna miss being apart of a district. 

Monday, April 4, 2016

Chile - Osorno - Week 70 - .. Bautismo !!!!

Well, as you can see Claudia was baptized this weekend! I really am so happy for her and for her family! It was quite the process to get here to this point, but it was all worth it!

At her baptism, I learned an important lesson. We actually were not sure if she was going to get baptized this weekend or not, so we didn't tell or invited anyone until after her interview on Thursday. Her interview went a lot better that we had expected and she was much more prepared that we thought so we decided to go ahead and  have it this weekend! We found ourselves with a problem because suddenly we had a baptism in two days and we didn't have anyone attending, speaking or doing anything! 
There was no program or preparation.....nothing....

Saturday we found ourselves inviting every random person we could find and asking other missionaries to bear their testimonies and such. I was so stressed out and then the thought came to me, "what are you freaking out about? these things aren't even important. She is making a covenant with Gad, that is what's important."  I didn´t realize it then, but I'm pretty sure that was the Spirit telling me to take a chill pill.  It was so true.  We were worried about every little detail, except for the one that mattered most.   I feel like we do that a lot of times in life.  We worry about every other little thing, except for what really matters.  Claudia most likely wont remember who said what at her baptism or who was there, she is only going to remember how she felt. That is what matters.
So folks, take a chill pill. Don´t stress about the little stuff. Focus on the important things, and do what you need to do to accomplish them. Much easier said than done, but it will put things into perspective! 

Hope you all enjoyed General Conference! How blessed we are to have a Prophet and Apostles to guide us to Eternal Life! 

Have a lovely week! 

Hermana Segura

Claudia's baptism. This is what happiness looks like!

Can't wait to see this cute family in the Temple one day!
On the road to becoming an Eternal Family!! 

I seriously am so happy about this baptism!
I got to be part of the whole process and I'm so grateful for that! 

This is my "I cant believe we just pulled this baptism off" face...
The Lord was merciful to us this weekend! 

With Sister Obeso !

Intercambios with Hermana Gardner and Hermana Arroyo!

We had a leadership meeting on Friday and
I got to see a few of my fellow hermanas
who will end their missions the same day as me

My companion is a hoot! She is what Gabby is going to be like when she grows up!
That's probably why I love her! 

WARNING !! Mormon Sisters on Board !!