Monday, April 27, 2015

Chile - Pucòn - Week 21 - I'm going to die here in Chile...

 On the contrary folks, the last volcanic eruption has effected us quite a bit! More than the last one! Wednesday we saw the news of the Volcàn Calbuco eruption six hours south and thought... oh wow crazy another angry volcano and then didn`t think anything of it after that.  On Thursday we got up and it was dark as usual, but then it was around 10:30am and it was still so dark outside!  We thought we had gotten up way too early or something! Then the Elders called us and told us to look outside at all the ash........What? We walked outside and it looked like it had snowed! There was ash EVERYWHERE! A good inch of it too! It was crazy! We didn`t have light outside that day until almost 1:30pm in the afternoon! The thing about the ash is that it's we have been walking around Pucòn for 4 days with doctor masks on.....super cute....but really though, it's bad stuff, my throat hurts pretty bad today and I`m coughing a lot. Even better, today is super windy so it's blowing all the ash around again into the air and it's all brown and ugly. The ash has traveled as far as Uruguay and Buenos Aires! Nuts right? We`ll see how long we suffer here in Pucòn before the air clears up! 
    Other than that this week was good! We went and talked to our investigator Magali about how Juan liked church. She said that she was surprised that he even got up and went for one, two it was his birthday that day! He came to church with us on his birthday and she said that the rest of the afternoon he spent reading the restoration pamphlet! Awesome! She also told us that after they left sacrament meeting she told him that after sacrament we have other classes and he said "Why didn`t we stay for them?" Again, super awesome! We are going to have another lesson with him this week and invited him to be baptized! Magali told us he has always wanted to be baptized by immersion! (I don`t remember how to spell that word in English) Perfect! That`s how we do it!  
       Also this week has been full of walking and exploring new roads, trying to find new people to teach! We have had some success here and there and we are looking forward to going back and teaching the people we have found! Hopefully we will be able to invite more people to be baptized this week! 
Hermana Segura
We woke up to this...

More ash..

This is what it looked like around 1:30pm in the afternoon...

This is going to be my ride home if we keep breathing this stuff...

We walked around looking like this for a week.

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