Monday, January 26, 2015

Chile - Pucón - Week 8 - Hola from Down South !!


       Another lovely week down here at the bottom of the world! Nothing super exciting, just good! A little disappointing in some ways. We will only be having one baptism on Friday instead of five. Ingacia is still going to be baptized,  but Jesica and Damian, the couple from Argentina won`t be able to get married in time because of Damian`s papers and stuff. All of his papers are done, he just has to wait for his official card thing before they can get married. He said it is probably going to be another month and a half before he gets it, but last fast Sunday we fasted that everything would  be ready by the 31 of this month. We still fault 5 days so hopefully a miracle will happen before then!

      Magali also needs to get married, but I think she's afraid to talk to her husband about it. He is supportive of her decision to get baptized, but he is a little hesitant to get married because apparently marriage here in Chile is kind of difficult as far as like money and housing goes? I don´t really understand it but no one here is married here because its like super complicated....hopefully he will come around soon so that Magali can get baptized! We are shooting for next month!

      Magdalena was the other investigator with a baptism date but her family has been in town for the last two weeks.  We haven`t been able to teach her so she won`t be ready by Saturday. Kind of a bummer but I`m not worried about her at all. We are gonna set her Baptism date for next month as well!

      I`m way excited to plan for Ignacia on Saturday though! She has been waiting so long for this day and is so ready! She also asked Hermana Vance and I if one of us would speak, and as the newbie I got thrown under the I will be speaking about the Holy Ghost at her baptism.....I think she forgot I don´t really speak Spanish.

      That's about all for this week! It was one of the hottest weeks here in Pucòn! People were saying it was like 35 degrees C on Tuesday. I don´t know what the conversion is in F, but Im pretty sure is like 1000. So hot! I also made the mistake of wearing a gray shirt on Friday.....lets just say couldn´t take my backpack off in fear of offending the general public with my sweat marks.....haha...

       Hope all is grand in the land of the free. Its pretty crazy here in Pucòn, lots of tourists. Centro is packed all the time with people from all over the world! Its crazy but kind of cool! I hear in Feb. its even worse here! Probably going to have to walk to church all of next month! Guess will find out!


 Hermana Segura.


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