Monday, May 25, 2015

Chile - Pucòn - Week 25

Holy cow! I can`t believe I`ve completed 7 months on the mission already!

Time is seriously flying by! I have less than a year left!
   This week was good! Cambios went well! My new companion Hermana Alonso is from Ecuador! She will be ending her mission in August. We get along well! 
   The weeks started out a little rough. The family of 7 that we found told us not to pass by anymore....After one of our lessons the mom asked us for money, and we told her we couldn`t give it to her. The next day we passed by and she said that she didn`t want us to come back. That was kind of a bummer.....but the truth is I kind of had the feeling that they didn`t really understand what we were teaching them, they just wanted to be baptized to be baptized and be "saved"...but I hoped that with time they would understand.....but I guess right now isn`t the time for them. Oh well. 
   However, our investigator Damian FINALLY got his papers! THEY CAN GET MARRIED NOW!!! I am seriously so excited! Jesica and Damian have been waiting so long to be baptized and I know that they are going to get baptized this time! Not only them, but I think one of her sons might want to and her sister that told us a few months ago that she wanted to be baptized with them CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY!!! I seriously almost died. That is a HUGE step! After sacrament meeting I went to talk to them and the sister told me she has a friend that wants to start learning about the church!! MILAGROS EVERYWHERE! we are going to teach them all this week! I am so stoked! 
   We also had a ton of lessons with members present which is something that is so hard for us. One of the lessons was with Juan and Magali, Ignacia came with us to help! We had an awesome lesson about the Gospel and we invited him to be baptized. He didn`t say yes, but he didn`t say no either! He just does not want to get married...I don´t know how to fix that... 
    Yesterday we had an awesome lesson with our investigator Maria! We taught her the word of wisdom. She told us that she has a smoking problem, but that she is willing to give it up to become a better daughter of God. She is seriously so good! I am so excited that I get to be here to watch her progress! 
    We also got a ward mission leader here in our branch! We are so excited to finally have someone to help us with the missionary work! He is so excited about his calling and is so willing to help us out! We are going to start meeting with him once a week! Also very stoked about that!  
        So much is happing in Pucòn right now its crazy everything is moving so fast its hard to keep up! I am so excited to be apart of it all! 
Here`s to 6 more weeks in Pucòn!!

Hermana Segura​.
It is getting cold here in Pucòn !!
They just had a chocolate festival here! This is totally made of chocolate!

My District

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