Monday, July 6, 2015

Chile - Punta Arenas - Week 31 - Do you wanna build a snowman?!

Punta Arenas !!!

Well I had to say goodbye to Pucón this week. It was tough, but I really was excited to leave and have some new experiences. Saying goodbye to everyone was the worst, but thanks to facebook, I know I´ll be able to keep in touch with them! That made it easier. I loved every second in Pucón! 
My journey to Punta Arenas was great! I left Tuesday morning to Villarica, had District meeting, ate lunch, and then headed off on a bus to Puerto Montt, about 4 hours south.
I stayed the night with the Hermanas there! Hermana Marinho, my "companion" that I had for 3 weeks when we were in Villarica, was there! It was fun to see her and talk to her again! Her companion was heading down to Punta Arenas too so we headed to the airport the next morning together!
We flew out around 10:30am and got to Punta Arenas around 12:30pm. The flight was beautiful! Southern Chile is seriously one of the most beautiful places I´ve ever seen! 
We got here just in time for winter! We got off the airplane and the ground was covered in snow! Crazy! We are super close to Antartica so it's kinda of cold here......super cold.
The wind is frigid!
So far I love it! It reminds me of Utah at Christmas, except for the fact that its July.....but whatever! Today I woke up to snow and its still snowing! I am totally rockin the snowboots today! 
The people here are super nice and so are the members! I am in a pretty good sized ward which is a really nice change! Im excited to work with them! 
Excited for my new adventures here and the bottom of the planet! (literally the bottom. The stake Punta Arenas is the farthest south stake in the world!)  
Here´s to a snowy few months!
Hermana Segura.

This is our house, it's smaller than the one in Pucon! My head almost hits the ceiling.....
Hermana Snyder y yo. Ella es de California.

Celebrating Chile's championship - Copa America 2015 

lots of snow!!
woke up to snow today! super cold!!
​Will I ever be in a place where my life is not in danger?...
now I'm too close to the ocean....

To the Ends of the Earth !!

Antarctica !!

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