Monday, December 21, 2015

Chile - Osorno - Week 55 - Chaupo Punta Arenas, Hola Osorno!

Bueno, officially one of the worst weeks of my life. Okay maybe not, but leaving Punta Arenas was so hard. Never have I cried so much in my life. I love Punta Arenas and the people so much. Literally tore my heart out. When the plane took off, Hermana Mota and I just sat there and cried together for about half an hour. So, so, so hard, but we both made it to our new sectors and were able to find ourselves with some old friends on the way so that was fun! I got to see some old comps and district leaders! 

I also found out that Maria, one of my investigators from Pucòn that we found in a collectivo (taxi) one night, was also baptized recently in another city close to Pucòn! Amazing how after all the time I spent in Pucòn, I am now starting to see the fruits of our labor! After her baptism, she was called to be ward missionary! She is gonna help baptize all of Coñaripe! Super stoked for her!

So far so good here in Osorno! I forgot how green it is here up north! (bueno, not really north, but more north than Punta Arenas...) I'm trying to get used to the "big city life". My whole mission I've been in Pueblitos, so for me, this change has been a little crazy. Even more for the climate change! I am dying of heat here and it isn't even officially summer yet.....pretty sure I'm gonna get cooked.  It reminds me a lot of Pucòn but bigger and with more people. The smell of smoke from the fire that people use to heat their houses brings back so many flashbacks of walking down the street in Pucòn! It's the weirdest feeling, almost like memories from another lifetime!

My comp is Hermana Davila from Argentina! This is her last cambio (she leaves in January), so we will only be together for a short time. We get along pretty well and I think we are gonna have a good time together! 

There are so many people here preparing for baptism! We will be having a baptism the day after Christmas! Her name is Laura and she is awesome! So prepared! 

I miss Punta Arenas with all of my heart, but I'm excited to be apart of the work here in Osorno! 


Hermana Segura

​My comp and I eating ice-cream because it's blazing hot here.
6 months since I have felt the heat of the sun.
Not sure what to do with it!

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