Monday, December 14, 2015

Chile - Punta Arenas - Week 54- Transfers... to Osorno

Well can´t say I'm surprised, but yes I am finally leaving Punta Arenas. I have been called to serve in Osorno as an Hermana Líder (sister training leader), where I will be in charge of helping "train" 14 sister missionaries (not sure who was drinking what when they called me to that position) but I had a feeling that it was coming. 

Should be interesting. Super nervous, but I'm sure it will be a good experience. 

All is well here in Punta Arenas! Friday we had a conference with Elder Texeira of the area presidency! That was an awesome experience! He helped us a lot in coming up with ideas to find new people! Those men are truly called of God. His wife also taught us a lot. It ended up being about a 6 hour conference! Super awesome! I know that the work here is going to explode!

Super bummed that I'm headed out. I love Punta Arenas with all of my heart, but I know someday I will be back! Looking forward to new adventures in Osorno! I imagine these will be my last adventures of the mission! 

Hermana Segura

The revelation of Hermana Mota when we were companions.
She was right. Hermana Mota has also been called to be
an Hermana Líder in Puerto Varas! Crazy.
(Revelation #2 to finish as Hnas Leaders #Success)

I'm going to miss all these girls!! they are the best !!

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