Monday, February 22, 2016

Chile - Osorno - Week 64 - Familia Zapata.

Well this week was full of walking, lots of contacting and door knocking, but we are hoping that this week as the summer vacations are ending we will be able to find more people at home!
Saturday we had an awesome lesson with the Familia Zapata! Camila was baptized  last month by her dad who is now active and was just called to be the Executive Secretary of the ward! 
We are now focusing on her mom Claudia, who was present in our lessons with Camila but didn't participate much. After Camila was baptized we started the lessons all over again but with more focus on her. In this past month she has progressed so much! We invited her to be baptized a few weeks ago and she said that she wanted to pray and receive her answer first. We asked her how it went with her prayer and she said that she was waiting to feel the "feeling" that everyone has told her that they get when they pray to ask if something is true, but said that she either didn't get it or didn't recognize it. She said that she wanted to continue learning and then go back and ask again later! I was so stoked for that answer! 
This last week we taught about Temples and eternal families, then Saturday we showed them how to hold a Family home evening! We shared a video with them, about sacrifice and about how we should all be willing  to sacrifice a little bit more for the Lord. It was really good! They even had food waiting for us at the end which I wasn't expecting because we said that we were gonna bring some food, but they had some made for us so we ended with that and it all turned out great! 
Claudia has formed a lot more trust in us and is participating so much more! She Even came to church yesterday and went to all the classes with us! It was so awesome! We are going to have another lesson with them this week and we are going to invite her to be baptized again! I'm super excited for their family! I know they are going to make it to the temple one day! =) 

Today I officially have only 2 months left until I come home.......Where did the time go?! It feels like a dream. Hoping that we will be able to see lots of miracles these next 8 weeks!! 

Hermana Segura
The things I do to get a handful of blackberries......=)

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