Monday, March 28, 2016

Chile - Osorno - Week 69 - .. lost of pics..

As you can see, it was a little difficult for 10 missionaries to fit into the bus
on the way home.. there were 52 people on that little bus and the majority
were not happy to be on the same bus with us..Mormons.....=)
Our travels may have consisted of a little hymn singing and contacting...

My Chilean family! Mamita, Papito, and Pequeña, their dog
She eats at the table with us everyday! =) Love them so much!!

Splits - Intercambios =)

Thursday our district went to the fair with our own table full of Pamphlets
and copies of the Book of Mormon! We had a good time! 

Family home evening at Bishops house!

Look at who we contacted in Rio Negro!
She received us with her arms opened wide! =)

We got Popsicle's on the way! Pardon my weird selfie......

Saturday we had a missionary activity in Rio Negro, 
about an hour away from Osorno. Here is the Rio and 
it is indeed Negro! ;) 

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