Monday, April 11, 2016

Chile - Osorno - Week 71 - .. LAST WEEK....Coming HOME!!!!

I never thought I would say the words "Ill be home next week." However.....


Where did the time go? These last 18 months have passed by so fast, but they have been so wonderful. 
Excited to start my last week on the mission, not because I will be coming home after (Although that is a bonus) but because I am going to be able to apply everything that I have learned in the last 18 months, to these last 10 days! What a blessing! 

I am going to be the best missionary I have ever been, and ever will be!

Going to enjoy every moment of this week! Not sure what else to say cuz I want to leave my "last words" for next week! ;)

Time to leave it all on the field! 

Hermana Segura

We had another Baptism! This is Yasna, I actually met her in Punta Arenas,
and then she moved here were we finished teaching her!
Saturday she was baptized with her Parents! Small world!

Selfie with the storm that was coming to attack us....
we got a little wet after...

With my Colombian Sistas!! Hermana Cordoba is from Bogotá and
Hermana Acosta is from Cartagena!  It was so fun doing intercambios with them!
They accepted me as one of their own even though I'm only half! ;)
Going to miss all my Hermanas.

"Yo quiero ser soldado fiel, alado del Señor...."
Gonna miss being apart of a district. 

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