Monday, June 1, 2015

Chile - Pucòn - Week 26 - God has a reason for everything.

Oh my goodness ! This week was probably one of the coolest weeks of the mission so far!
Monday we went to the house of Jessica and Damian to see how her sister Marlen like church on Sunday! She said she really liked it! We also went with the purpose of asking her son Mayco if he still wanted to keep learnig about the church and preparing to be baptized with Jesica and Damian. He said yes! Brandon, Jesicas other son was there as well.  When I first started here, he didn`t really want anything to do with us. We would invite him to listen and he always said no, so we just kinda left him alone.
A few months ago he was there for one of our lessons and he listened and even participated a little, which was huge. Since then hes shown a little more interest here and there. After we asked Myco if he wanted to keep preparing, I asked Brandon if he would like to start taking the lessons. He said yes! While I was on a role, I asked Marlen if she would like to take the lessons along with her friend that Jesica told us about last Sunday. She said yes! We arranged a schedule where we could come and teach Marlen and her friend before work, and then come back later in the night to teach Brandon and Myco after school! We were there almost everyday this week teaching one of them! It was awesome!
Our first lesson with Marlen and her friend Juan Carlos we invited them to be baptized and they accepted! The next day we went and taught Brandon and Myco, invited them to be baptized and they also accepted!! We left them all with a Book of Mormon and invited them to read and pray.
A few days later we went back to see how things were going and Brandon told us that he had read and shared with us what he had learned! Before, I hardly ever heard a word come out of that kids mouth, and he wouldn`t even read a scripture with us.
Now he is reading the Book of Mormon on his own and sharing with us what he learned! Mayco also read on his own and shared with us what he learned! Seriously so much progress in the last week with those two boys I can hardly believe it.
Marlen and her friend are also progressing super well! I have no idea where her friend came from, but he is great! He understands everything really well and even went on the church's website to learn more for himself! 
I now know why we have had to wait so long for Jessica and Damian to get baptized. We had to wait for their family!  I am so grateful for the chance I have to help them all progress together! Damian thanked us yesterday for all that we have done for their family. He said the they are already recieving so many blessing from the gospel! This is why I am a missionary! 
Hermana Segura

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