Monday, June 15, 2015

Chile - Pucòn - Week 28 - Let it snow..

Ohhhhhh... it is so cold here!! There is snow in the mountains and its rainy everyday where we are! Cold cold cold cold!
But this week was good! Especially yesterday at church! Our investigator Maria came and loved it!  Pilar, our less active member came with her new baby, which is a miracle! Her story is so sad. She has been through the temple and everything, but just made a few poor decisions that affected her life big time. Now we are just trying to help her  get back on the right road. She stayed all 3 hours of church and shared her testimony and gave the closing prayer in Relief Society! I am so excited for her! Hopefully we will be able to help her.
Other than that things are the same! Everyone is progressing really well and we are looking forward to some changes here in our branch to help things progress even further! We´ll see what this next week brings! 
Hermana  Segura
#chelfi I got my hur did! It doesn´t look like much, but it was a solid 2-3 inches!

I got attacked  by a dog and it ate my skirt... I'm sick of dogs.

We found harry potter scarfs in Villarica so our whole district bought one!
We look legit! We went to a members house yesterday and she had this robe! 

this is how we teach when we have lessons with jessica and damian...
not really but these hats are hilarious

Jesica y Damian´s son turned 1 on wednesday so we had a party!
It was fun! (notice how giant I am compared to most chileans...all chileans...)

We roast marshmallows with our heater.. =) my comp had never tried roasted mallows!

It is so cold here !!!

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