Monday, January 11, 2016

Chile - Osorno - Week 58 - Migraines and Miracles !!!

Bueno, this week was awesome and awful at the same time! More awesome than awful!
One of our investigators, Catherine, wants to get baptized but she isn't married and lives with her boyfriend.  We have been trying to teach him too, but he is never home. He has lots of questions about the church and has been interested, but it,s just been hard to find him. 

The other day we asked Catherine if she still wanted to be baptized and she said "yes". We told her that if she knew that the church was true, she needed to talk to her boyfriend about getting married. 
The next day we passed by and she said that she had talked to him and that they had decided that now was not the time and that they wanted to wait and get more "settled" first... not what we wanted to hear, so we taught her that by following GOD's commandments and putting those things first, God would bless them with the temporal things. Luckily her boyfriend was there so we were able to share that with him too. 

We invited them to pray together to see what the Lord would have them do. A few days later we went back and asked her if they had received an answer. She said "Jose Luis prayed and said that after his prayer a memory popped into into his head of two Elders that came to his house years ago and shared a message with them. His dad told them to leave and not to come back again.  After that,  a bunch of bad things happened to their family and so he took that as his answer!"  Whatever works! 

They went to the Registro Civil (Court House) a few days after to set a marriage date but all the spots were full. We found out that the stake patriarch works for the Registro Civil so we are going to see if he can pull some strings and get them a spot so they can get baptized the 23rd! 

They both came to church yesterday and Jose Luis loved it! We are going to visit them today to see what's up!  We are so excited for them! The LORD works in mysterious ways!

The awful part of my week was that I was stuck in the house for 3 days with a wicked headache, but no biggie! This week we have a baptism on Saturday! Its gonna be awesome! =)

Hermana Segura

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