Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Mexico MTC - Week 3 - Half Way !!

Hola, Everyone!!
Another week has come and gone, which means tomorrow I am half way done here at the CCM!! Definitely a bitter-sweet feeling.
This week was good! I woke up sick with a cold on Wednesday and then woke up with no voice Thursday and Friday, which made it really hard to teach. Now I just have a nasty cough, but it's getting better!

Teaching has been good and not so good this week. Some lessons are super awesome, and some not so much. I really am beginning to understand the importance of study and prayer. We pray like 80 times a day I swear! you should see the marks I have on my knees! It's so good though. Everything is so much better when you start and end with a prayer.

I have to talk about the highlight of my week first so I don't run out of time! Today we got to leave the palace walls and go to the Mexico City Temple!!! (you should see the walls that surround this place...it's insane. and the giant gate.) As we were leaving we sang. Finally, they were opening up the gaaaaaaates!!!; like on Frozen.......Anyway we were super stoked to get out of the CCM for a few hours! The temple is about 30 minutes away from were we are so we got to see a lot of the city! The driving is absolutely nuts, but it was so much fun! We live in such a bubble here in the CCM, it was weird to see real life happening outside! 
The temple is beautiful! We didn't get to go in because they are doing some renovations on it, but we did get to spend a few hours in the visitors center and talk to the missionaries there! That was so fun! It gave me a little more confidence in my Spanish when I was talking to the sisters serving there because they were natives trying to learn English, and we are exactly the opposite, but having the same struggles! The sisters would look at each other when they couldn't remember how to say a word in English, just like Hermana Cheadle and I look at each other when we don't remember how to say a word in Spanish! It was so fun talking to them! They said my Spanish is awesome and that I shouldn't be shy to speak it! That made me feel good! Sometimes I feel like it will never come, but then I remember I haven't been here very long! I know it will come with time and practice!!

Being in the city made me so excited to get to Chile!! I can't wait to be able to just walk around at talk to everyone! Even just waving to people on the streets when we were in the bus was like the best thing ever!! I love it here in Mexico, I can't imagine how much I'm going to love Chile and the people there! 

One thing I don't like much about the MTC is we aren't allowed to listen to music. I can't tell you how much I wish I could listen to something when I get ready in the Morning, or when I feel kinda bumbed out. Me and my roomies sing a lot in the casa! My companion is an awesome singer, she was in the BYU women's choir so she taught us how to like harmonize and cool stuff like that! Our Elders in our district sing really well too so we sound awesome together! We may or may not have joined the MTC choir......I am very grateful when we get the chance to hear good music.
Well I think that might be all for now! I'm gonna try and get some pictures uploaded here really quick of our temple trip today!! Love you guys and miss you lots!! hug squishy and Murphy for me! Talk to you soon!

Got these sweet cases for my Spanish BOM and Bible
at the Temple Bookstore.  Pardon my face, I was excited !!

So, I thought the cart on Nacho Libre was a joke..
I'm not kidding when I say everyone has one of these...

Me at the Mexico City Temple.

Cheesy Picture of the day !

Las Hermanas of District 7B.

Me, next to the Basura.

The beautiful Mexico City Temple !

We have a nutella bar every day and we spread it on our bread
with canoe paddles.. me and Hna. Guager.

Thanks for the Package !!!

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