Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Mexico MTC - Week 4 - Solo Español

Hola, from Mexico!!!!
Can´t believe another week has come and gone! They are going by faster!!

This week was great as usual! Sundays are still my favorite. We leave the casa at 7:00am and don´t come home until 9:30pm, but everything in between is major spiritual motivation!!! We have Relief Society in the morning, then we have ´Sunday School´with our district leaders, and then we have sacrament meeting with our zone where we listen to each other attempt to give talks in Spanish! I had to give another one last week! I thought I was off the hook since I gave one my first week, but apparently not! It´s fun though! Sundays are awesome!
It's hard to believe I can just go up and give a talk in Spanish! It's amazing how it doesn´t sound foreign to me anymore. I would feel comfortable having a conversation with a native speaker, which is actually really fun to do because they are trying to learn English here, so they talk to you in English and we talk to them in Spanish! We have now been named worthy to wear the orange sticker on our name tags that say ´Solo Español ´ on them. People can only talk to us in Spanish and we aren´t allowed to reply in English! It´s pretty nuts! lots of Spanglish going on! 

When I get on here to email I feel like I can´t remember anything we did! We literally have the same schedule everyday, but we still have a good time! We laugh a lot! I love my district so much! We were seriously meant to be together! I´m really dreading the day we leave the CCM! I love it here so much! It is such a beautiful place! it´s like 70 degrees here everyday and there are palm trees everywhere and the prettiest birds! There are like these green parrots that fly around everywhere! I´m still trying to get a picture of one! I love it even with the "cannons" outside the walls, (apparently they like to play with sticks of dynamite here for fun, so its sounds like there is a war going on outside the walls everyday....its fine.) I can´t believe I will be headed to Chile in just 2 Weeks! 
I love the pictures you all sent!! They made me laugh! I miss you guys a lot, but I´m never really homesick. I know this is where I´m supposed to be and I´m loving every second of it! I never have a doubt about whether or not I am going to learn the language or if I´ll make a good missionary. I don´t have doubts because my confidence is in the Lord, not in myself. I am not capable of doing any of these things alone. But because of the Lord, I am. I am confident because I'm an instrument in the Lord's hands and He is going to enable me to do His work. I am here in the MTC to learn and to make it easier for Him to work through me! I am so grateful I don´t have to do this alone! 

Estoy muy agradecida por la oportunidad estar en el CCM. Estoy muy agradecida por la oportunidad a servir El Señor. Yo se que la Iglesia es Verdad y El Libro de Mormon es la palabra de Dios. Estoy muy agradecida por este conocimiento.

Love you guys! Talk to you soon! 
Hermana Segura

The great wall!! This wall surrounds the entire MTC!
we literally can´t see anything outside these walls except the sky!
Its pretty crazy

Searching for those who need the truth!! but only at 20km per hour... =)

Our cheesy fall picture!!

The best looking sisters in the CCM!!! love them!


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