Monday, December 15, 2014

Chile - Pucón - Week 2

Hola from Chile!!!
Wow I love it here! This week has been so good! We started off this week with a zone meeting and we learned about the new video the church put out "El es la Dádiva". What an awesome video! we have been sharing it with everyone we see on the street. Its an awesome way to get contacts! Hope you guys are sharing it on Facebook! (here in Chile they call facebook "face" =)

We have so many awsome investigators, 5 of them with baptism dates! We are teaching a girl who is 15 named Ignacia. She really wants to be baptized but is having a hard time getting to church. Her mom is also listening to our lessons but she isn´t sure if she wants to be baptized or not because her husband dosen´t really want anything to do with it. Hopefully we will be able to baptize her and Ignacia soon! Ignacia reminds me of Gabby so much! Totally a free spirit. She gets in trouble with her mom a lot because she just leaves the house all the time and she is always with her friends or texting. Her mom was talking about all of this with us yesterday and I was like "oh yeah that sounds familiar!" (no offense Gabby =) I love Ignacia though, she is awesome! 

We are also teaching a young family, Yesica, Damian, and their little baby Taylor. They are so special! They have such strong testimonies and want to get baptized, but they aren´t married, and they can´t get married until Damian does his legal papers. He is from Argentina. He has to go to another city called Tamuco to get them done. It costs money they don´t have and its really hard for Damian to get work off, but miracles happen!! Last Sunday Hermana Vance and I fasted that Damian would be able to go to Tamuco to get his papers done. On Tuesday we got a call from Yesica saying that Damian was able to get work off and that he had a ticket to go to Tamuco the next day!! We were so excited!! But.......The lady that does all the legal papers and the office he went to, was sick that she wasn´t there.....big disappointment, but yesterday we found out that he is going back this Wednesday! What a blessing! Hopfully they will be able to get baptized by next month!

We are trying really hard to work with the members here, but everytime we get an appointment set up, either the member bails, or the investigator does. We have had an appointment with a member everyday this week and none of them worked out.....Its hard, but we aren´t giving up!

Saturday we got invited to go to Los Lagos to have a special Christmas dinner with the Mission President and his wife! It was about a 3 hour bus ride there. We left at 8:00 that morning and didn´t get home util 11:00 that night! We were so tired, but we had so much fun! There were about 24 missionaries there from 2 zones. We played games and wrapped up Libros de Mormon with our testimonies in them like Christmas presents and handed them out to people on the street! We also went around singing Christmas Hyms to random people! It was so fun! I love being a missionary! President Obeso dressed up in a Santa outfit that some of the Elders brought! He walked around in it for like 10 minutes just saying " HO HO HO!" Hes so awesome!

My spanish is getting better. I´m understanding people a little bit better now and I´m not as afraid to speak it. Its frustrating because I know like a lot of words, but I´m still working on trying to put them together and in the right tense and stuff......but it´s coming!

Chile is so awesome! I love it here and I love the people! I´m so excited to see the church grow here in Pucón!
Hermana Segura

My comp and I at "Los Lagos".

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