Monday, December 29, 2014

Chile - Pucón - Week 4 - Feliz Navidad !!

Hola y Feliz Navidad!
Hope everyone had a good Christmas this week! 

Christmas eve and Christmas were free days for us so we just hung out at the house and watched church movies in Spanish.....super fun! Christmas eve we went and had a big dinner at one of the members houses! Here in Chile they have a big dinner Christmas eve and then open their presents at midnight! Christmas day they have another big dinner but they don´t do much. New Years is much bigger than Christmas here! Everyone goes to the beach and does fireworks and parties! Sadly New years eve and New years day are regular days for partying. 

Because of our two free days, this week was a little slow but we still had some great lessons! We had an activity with Ignacia and some of her friends which was really cool! Ignacia invited a few of her friends from school to her house and we watched Mormon messages and had tacos! We taught a little bit about the church and about what we do as missionaries. One of her friends, Vanessa, was really receptive to what we had to say and was asking a lot of questions! Before we left we asked her if we could come visit her and teach her more and she said yes! Good things always come from making tacos! =) 

We had another lesson with Ignacia and her mom yesterday afternoon and we discussed Ignacia's baptism! We set the date for January 31! She was a little bummed that it wasn´t sooner,  but she is excited to learn more before taking this big step in her life! She is so good and so prepared! She is always inviting people and bringing people to church and to our lessons with her! She is going to help this branch so much! Her mom also wants to be baptized, but she isn´t ready to set a date yet. Hopefully we´ll get one set soon!

Magali also came to church again this week with her little girl Izadora! We had an awesome lesson with her this week too! She has been having doubts about why having a religion is important. If we all believe in God, what's the difference? And if religion is important, why the Mormon religion? Hermana Vance and I studied so hard this week for this lesson and I think it went really well! Even better we had Hermana Hodge, one of our recent converts, come with us and bear her testimony of why she joined the church! It was so powerful! Magali is so good, I know she is going to get baptized!! 

We are so blessed with so many good investigators! I know if we keep working hard, Pucón is going to explode and one day we are going to have a ward here! Hermana Vance and I are working hard to teach and strengthen the members here so that everyone will be able to help this miracle happen! Being a missionary is so incredible. The hand of God can be seen in our lives everyday! This is truly the work of the Lord and it is such a blessing to be apart of it. I just hope I´m doing enough.

Don´t be afriad to share your testimony with everyone around you. whether it´s out loud, or by example, people will see and feel the difference. Everyday we get told that there is something different about us. Magali tells us that when she sees us walking on the street, it looks like we are ´walking above the ground´, and there is a different feeling in her home when we are in it. That's not because we are missionaries, it´s because we have the truth and the light. We all have it! We need to share it! We all need to be missionaries! 

This new year, make it a goal to share the gospel with the people you know. Even if they don´t accept it, the seed is still planted and you never know what it will turn into. We have the truth!! Don´t be afraid to share it!!

!!La iglesia es verdadera!!

Hermana Segura


  1. I really love reading her letter! She is doing so good! We love and we are very proud of her!

  2. I really love reading her letter! She is doing so good! We love and we are very proud of her!