Monday, December 8, 2014

Chile - Pucón - Week 1

Wow! What a crazy week!! So much to tell you!
First of all I am serving in a little town called Pucón in the sector Villarica! I am about 4 hours north of Osorno! It is a huge tourist town in the summer so we are about to see a lot of people coming through here! It reminds me a lot of  Yellowstone. Everyone in the town lives in these little cabins and we are surrounded by mountains and trees and I feel like we are camping! Its so beautiful though!

I experienced the crazy rain for the first time on Saturday! SO MUCH RAIN!!! My dress was soaked in 20 minutes and we had 6 hours of work to do. outside. It was so fun though! We walk everywhere unless its far and then we take a taxi. We get a lot of weird looks when we are out walking. We also get a lot of honks.......and whistles......not my favorite part of the work but anyway.....I love it here!

My companion is the coolest! We get along so well and she is so patient with me and my lack of Spanish abilities. She's been here for 4 months and is already such an incredible missionary. Once I get the hang of things around here I know we are going to do some great things together here in Pucón! I cant wait!
Church yesterday was cool! We just have a little branch of like 35 people and we have church in this old house that has been remodeled to kinda look like a church inside. Its really small but it works!

We have so many investigators here its amazing! there is so much work to be done! I gave my first baptism invitation on Thursday and the investigator accepted! She is preparing to be baptized in January! Missionary work is so incredible!
The only thing I'm really having a hard time with is my Spanish. It is so hard to understand the Chileans.....they talk really fast.....I'm getting better though. Speaking it is a whole other thing. I feel like I don't know how to say anything and its super frustrating. There are also a lot of phrases and words that are only used in Chile so I feel like I have to hurry and learn another new language. I feel so bad for Hermana Vance because she has to do almost all the lessons by herself because I have no idea what's going on. Oh well. It will come.

Lets see.....what else....I´ve been having a good  time with the food here! mostly the sweet stuff! I tried ALFAJORES my first day, no worries! they are good! Hermana Vance loves food as much as I do so we are gonna have a good time today trying a bunch of stuff! I'm excited!  We also might be taking a trip to the beach to have lunch after this so that should be exciting!
Well I need to email the mission president and such before my time is up so I´ll hurry and post a few pics before I go. I can´t wait to talk to you in a few weeks! It doesn´t feel like Christmas here, but Hermana Vance said we are gonna do something crazy Christmas day do I´m looking forward to that as well! Also we are 4 hours ahead of you guys here in Chile, so remember that when you are planning to Skype.

Talk to you guys soon! Pray for Pucón!! We need miracles!

Love you!
Hermana Segura

PUCON y Hermana Vance

My house for the next few months!! It's cute!

The view from my house!! Volcan Villarica!!
Yes, it smokes out the top!!

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