Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Chile - Pucón - Week 13 - The Volcano is going to blow..


So the Word on the Street is that the Volcán Villarica is getting ready to blow. Every 30 years or so it has a few explosions. The fist one is "scheduled" for the end of this month, beginning of April, the second one in June. They say the first one normally isn`t super bad, but the second one is usually worse.....it has a tendency to kill people.....I live super close to this volcano....Lets just say this week we have been assigned to teach the members about being prepared for an emergency or natural disaster....and prepare 72 hour kits.....I`m hoping I'm not here in June....  
These past few weeks have been a Little tough. No a ton of progress with our investigators which is a bummer. Jessica and Damián still need to get married, HOWEVER, Jessica's son Mayco now wants to get baptized, AND her younger sister!!!! We did not see that coming at all. More on that story next time, but now we are thinking we are going to have to wait even longer for them to be baptized because we need to teach Myco and  Jessica's sister all the lessons and they need to go to church.....more waiting, but probably worth the wait. It would be so cool to have them get baptized all together!  

With the "cambios" this week, my new companion and I decided that we are going to clean some things up in our sector, which means we have to drop some people. Tough decision. We had to drop Magdalena. She has a lot of hard stuff going on in her life right now and really doesn`t have time to take the lessons. That was a bummer, but I guess she just isn´t ready now. We are also trying to get out of the routine of visiting the same people over and over, so we are changing things up. I`m excited for that. We were kind of in a rut before so I think this change will be good.  
Magali is still waiting for Juan to change so she can get baptized so that's tough. Other than that things around here are pretty much the same. Looking forward to some changes in the next few weeks so hopefully Ill have a more interesting email next time!  
Thanks for all the prayers! Pray for Pucòn!   
Hermana Segura
Volcan Villarica - Pucón - View from my backyard this morning. It is smoking ....
In front of our house with Hna. Vance.

Another waterfall..

All the missionaries in Pucón and President Wallace

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