Monday, March 30, 2015

Chile - Villarica- Week 17 - #GraciasaqueÉlvive

We are still in Villarica. We have no idea when or if we are going back to Pucón. It´s kind of a  bummer, but I really like it here in Villarica too! There are a lot of great people and there is a lot of potential to find new people to teach! 

This week is the Semana Santa, so it is a perfect time to talk to people about Jesucristo! I love talking to people about the resurrection of Jesus Christ! Even better the church came out with the video Gracias a que Él vive (not sure what its called in English.... Because he lives or somethin like that.) and its super good! We are sharing it with everyone and I hope you guys are too! Post it on facebook and share it with EVERYONE!!! Also check out Youtube 5 of April, the church is taking over the home page! Super cool!!
Take the time to remember Jesus Christ this week and all that He did and still does for us.
".....No está aquí.... HA RESUCITADO...." 
¡Yo se que Él vive!
Hermana Segura
When the volcano has a "hat" it means it will rain.. and it did. - Pucon
Sunrise in Villarica

Sunset in Villarica

Bus Station in Villarica

Welcome sign from the Sisters in Villarica.

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