Monday, March 23, 2015

Chile - Pucón - Week 16 - Escape to Villarica - Part 2

   Bueno, we are in Villarica......again...... Wednesday morning we got up, did our studies, and headed to Villarica so that Hermana Wyatt could do some paperwork for her Visa. On the way we saw that the Volcano was releasing a lot of black smoke again. I said to Hermana Wyatt "5 bucks says we are gonna get a call from someone telling us we have to evacuate to Villarica again." Elder Biggs told us a few days ago that if anything changed with the Volcano, we would be taken out of Pucón faster than you could say "Panguipulli". Sure enough, a few hours later we got a call from our zone leader telling us that the Volcano alert was on Orange and that we needed to pack our bags again.
We would be in Villarica for at least a week, or until the Volcano explodes.....So we´ve been here in Villarica since Wednesday night with  the other Hermanas here  in a different sector than we were in last time. The Volcano is still smoking like crazy every day so we have no idea when we will be able to go back to our sector.....pucha...
    It´s been good though, I´ve had the opportunity to improve my Spanish a ton! We are with Hermana Torres de Argentina, y Hermana Marinho de Brazil, so the only way to communicate with them "obvio es en Español!"  I´ve been Hermana Marinho´s comp for the last few days. She is awesome! She´s been out one more cambio than I have but her Spanish is amazing! I feel like Portugues is kind of like Spanish so maybe that´s why? I dunno but I want to speak Spanish like her! But the poor thing has been sick the whole time we´ve been here. She has problems with low blood pressure and has had to go to the doctor a few times this week for some tests. Because of this she hasn´t been able to go out and work, so I´ve been in the house with her all week while Hermanas Wyatt y Torres are out working. I´ve just been hanging out there while she sleeps. I´ve had the chance to read and study A LOT (and maybe sleep a little myself....). One of the days we just talked for like 4 hours, that was super awesome for my Spanish! She went to the doctor again today to do some more tests so hopefully she will be feeling better soon!
     Other than that, nothing to exciting has happened. We left all of our investigators in Pucón so I have no idea what´s happening with them....I´ve been able to call a few of them and talk with them a little bit, but not much. It´s a little frustrating, but I´m sure we are here in Villarica for a reason...Hopefully we will be able to pick up where we left off when we go back....whenever that is... 
      Pray that the Volcano will just explode and get it over with so we can go back to Pucón!
Hermana Segura

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