Monday, August 17, 2015

Chile - Punta Arenas - Week 37 - Cambios, Contacts and the Cold.

Bueno, this week was kinda crazy! Wednesday we had cambios and my comp got transferred so now I am with Hermana  Mota from Brazil! She is super awesome! We have a good time together!
We don't have many people that we are teaching right now, so we dedicated our week to finding new people to teach which means lots of knocking doors. I actually really like knocking doors, you never know who is gonna open! Sometimes they are really nice, sometimes they aren´t, and sometimes you just walk away laughing your head off because some people are just kinda weird! Super great!
The hard part is when the weather is bad. It has rained so much here the last three days and we have been outside the whole time looking for people. Not super fun. And the rain here falls at an angle so it just gets all up in you boots and clothes and it's really cold.
The wind also doesn't help much. We have wind here up to 120 km per hour (not really sure about the conversion on that), but I feel like it's pretty windy. Actually I know it's windy because I was trying to walk in it and keep my companion from falling over, good times :)
Saturday was the worst as far as rain goes, and we didn't have one single appointment, just doors to knock. We had little hope that anyone was going to want to let us in all wet and ugly, but The Lord showed us otherwise. The second door we knocked Saturday was of a man named Geraldo. He opened the door, we told him who we were, and he let us in!
We started talking to him and asked him about his experience with previous missionaries. (we found his name in our area book and it said that missionaries had talked to him a few years ago). When we asked him, he told us that he didn't remember talking to missionaries, so we shared with him a little bit about what we do. He had a lot of questions! He couldn´t believe that my comp and I didn't know Spanish before we got to Chile, or that we walk in the street all day everyday rain or shine trying to find people to teach. He said that he respected that a lot! We talked to him about the restoration and gave him a pamphlet.
We asked him if he would read it and he said he would, with his family! Perfect! We have an appointment with him next Saturday! We are super excited! 
Little miracles like that remind me that the Lord is in charge and knows who needs us and who is ready to listen, all we have to do is find them! It's kinda like a treasure hunt! There is always a "golden investigator", we just have to listen and know where to look!
Here is to another week of "treasure hunting"! 
Hermana Segura
Hermana Snyder and I.  She left for Valdivia to be an Hermana Leader
with my old comp Hermana Wyatt.  I'm going to miss her.

Super awesome view! Love my sector!

​Another angle, just in case you didnt catch how cool it was.

When we end our mission, we have to send in pictures of us contacting people in the street.....
how we are supposed to do that?, not sure.
So we called Paulina and had her be our "contact" ha! Super cheesy.

My new comp Hna. Mota from Brazil, she's crazy! She makes me laugh so hard!
I speak English, she speaks Portuguese, and we have to communicate in Spanish....
kinda crazy to think about! super cool though!

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