Monday, August 3, 2015

Chile - Punta Arenas - Week 35 - Que hermosa la mañana!

Another lovely week here in Antártica! (almost Antártica).

I want to share a quick experience that we had this week!
Saturday there was a baptism in another sector so we invited our investigator Cristian to come and watch it! He drives taxi, so he asked permission to park the car for an hour so he could come with us! He came and then right before it started he got an emergency call and had to go pick someone up. He said that he would be gone for ten minutes. We told him that he should be fine because there were going to be a few talks and everything, but that he needed to hurry! Long story short, he missed the actual ordinance by like 2 minutes. We were so sad! We were so excited for him to watch it and he just missed it! But we still got to show him the font and talk a little bit about it. We told him that there would be another opportunity to see a baptism and he said, "yeah mine!" Ah! Yes!!! He is so prepared!!
Later that night we had a devotional with all of the missionaries in the stake! There was a choir of just us missionaries and we sang and showed videos about the restoration! It was so awesome! The spirit was amazing. Cristian came to that too and when we asked him how he liked it he started to get all teary eyed! He said that he loved it and he was so sad that his wife and daughter didn´t come with him to see it. It was so awesome to see how the spirit touched him. The message of the restoration is powerful. Don't be afraid to share it!

Hermana Segura
Las Hermanas de Punta Arenas! menos 3...
We like to hang out on mondays! Here we are at the mall at the food court! =)

at Juan's house eating lunch after church on Sunday!
His parents are loaded and their house is huge.
We are eating pecans from their pecan's fine. 

The obra misional in our ward! Elder Espinoza (next to me) got transferred early to another sector
so we went to go say bye to him before he left.
The fruit in the furry jacket is Juan, our ward mission leader.
He reminds me of Nico/Steven Segura.

The other part of missionary work that people dont see. lots of papers...
We we were up until like midnight.

Always an awesome sunset here at the bottom of the world!

The moon is huge here! This pic doesn't do it justice.

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